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31 January 2013.
I have added a series of new Articles including: 1. the three main views of the millennium, 2. What was Paul's reason for writing to the Church in Rome?, 3. strategies a pastoral carer would use when responding to a call for help from a family with an alcoholic mother.. and 4. a short article on Psalm 8 titled "Who am I and why do I exist?".
6th Novemver 2012.
I have just finished a complete rebuild of our website. We have installed our system using Dotnetnuke version 6 so that we can offer you more services and features. If you find any broken links or problems with the website please use our Contact Us form and let us know. Please enjoy the new format and we hope to be adding all sorts of new features in the coming months.
18th October 2012.
Content Updated. Added a new article about Paul's reasons for writing the letter to the Church of Rome. Also added an article about pastoral intervention in a family with an alcoholic parent.
5th October 2012.
Content Update. Added new article on the Millennium, updated Paul's view of the wrath of God and updated 8th Century Prophets.
2nd March 2012,
Our Web Site has a New Look and Feel. It has been replaced with a more modern interface, hoping we can meet the Future. This site has been optimised to run on the framework 4.0 using Active Server Pages and a Masterfile to format its layout.I would like to thank all those who have been of help to me through the forums.
August 20 2010.
- Another refurbishment.
November 14 2003.
- General site refresh and a few bug fixes.
December 2002.
- Moved website from HostOnce Unix Servers to Windows 2000 servers. We wish to express our appreciation to the Staff of Host Once.drink
Addition of New Issues and a general site reshuffle.
January 2002.
- We have finally finished the move of our web site to a new host over the last couple of weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would like to thank the staff at Host Once.
December 2001.
- Both Forrest Ministries and Forrest I.T. Services web site co-hosted together. We are a Tent Maker Ministry and have found that to reduce costs this was the best option.
Mental Health Consumer and Carer Advocacy Forum. Two Consumer and Carer Advocacy Consultants appointed.
FREEDOM GROUP. Group goes into recess.
Mental Health Consumer and Carer Advocacy Forum.
October 16-17 2000
- Forum agreed that a Consumer and Carer Advocacy Consultant be employed in the New England Health Service.
Forrest Ministries Web Site Refurbished.
6th November 1999.
- Forrest Ministries Web Presence looks to the Future. New things to Come.
More Articles on Ethics and Theology.
Increased Emphasis on Recovery from Mental Illness.
Freedom Group Moves.
The Freedom Group moves to the hall at the rear of Tamworth Baptist Church. CNR Hillvue & Duri Roads Tamworth....
2nd February 1999.
- Refurbishment of Web Site.
Presentation of Real Audio Content.
We began streaming messages and sermons from Tamworth Baptist Church.
6 November 1998.
In an effort to gain a greater presence and hopefully attract a greater audience we have refurbished our site with an increased interest in your response and a will increase our links to areas of Mental Health ...>
1st April 1998.
- Freedom Group Established.
The Freedom Group meets in hall at the rear of Cornerstone Church of Christ. Cathage Street Tamworth...
1st January 1995.
- Forrest Ministries Establishes Web Presence.

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New and Updated Articles of Interest.
Sin and Forgiveness in the Psalms.Sin and Forgiveness in the Psalms.
What does the book of Psalms tell us about sin?
Who is my Neighbour?
Have you ever wondered who your Neighbour should be? Jesus teach us the we should love them.A sermon from Luke 10:25-37.
Understanding the Holy Spirit.
This a sermon I delivered on Sunday 26th May 2013.(My 40th Wedding Aniversary.)
The Resurrection of Jesus.
This a sermon I delivered on Easter Sunday 2013.
Who am I and why do I exist?
The answer to the question (Who am I and why do I exist?) lies within Psalm 8 and as each individual exegete studies the passage they will notice that there are numerous textual problems.
Sexuality in the Church.
Is there no joy to be found in the church today for homosexuals?
Alcoholism in the Family.
The object of this essay is to highlight the strategies a pastoral carer would use when responding to a call for help from a family with an alcoholic mother..
The Letter to Romans.
What was Paul's reason for writing to the Church in Rome?
The Canon of Scripture.
Critically Evaluate the Argument that the Canon of Scripture is Closed.
The Wrath of God.
What is a Paul's View of the Wrath of God? How can we apply this to the AIDS epidemic?