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New Server/Domain Name URL.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

As I have just finished moving this website to a new VPS (Virtual Private Server) you may notice that the domain name has changed from http://forestmi


Finding Truth in a post Truth World.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

We are increasingly living in a world where the word truth has started to lose some of its meaning. President Donald Trump of the United States of Ame


Welcome to this new feature of our website.

Friday, February 23, 2018

This website has been present on the web in one form or another since about 1998. Many of the articles that you will find on the site were originally


Welcome to our Website!

Forrest Ministries is about a dream to bring answers to Theological questions and Pastoral Care to as large an audience as possible. Our hope is that the love of Christ will touch your life and that his Spirit will set you free.

Why do we call ourselves Forrest Ministries? Well the reason is that many of the people we minister to describe their circumstances when dealing with spiritual, anxiety and depression issues as being like lost inside a deep Forrest. Our goal is to help them find their way out and find wholeness.

Current News!


Also I would like to invite you to my new website at and journey with me as I lay out the journey that I have taken through suffering and pain and back again. It is a story that I believe will cause many to question their faith and to re-examine the reasons why we deny the existence of God.

This journey started in 1994 and has not yet reached a conclusion so please follow me and find the source of all resistance to that which ails us in our life today.

Our Profile

To provide a service which enables you to nurture a faith in Christ. To provide the means to enable those who struggle with life to find healing. We have a particular desire to raise public awareness of Mental Health issues in the mind of the public and to help those who suffer Mental Illness to feel free and be able to live a normal life without being looked down upon and without being made feel inferior.

Forrest Ministries is the dream of  Trevor & Alison Forrester

New and Updated Articles of Interest.
Unveiling the Tapestry of Baptist Distinctives.Unveiling the Tapestry of Baptist Distinctives.
What are the Distinctives features of Baptist Belief?
Sin and Forgiveness in the Psalms.Sin and Forgiveness in the Psalms.
What does the book of Psalms tell us about sin?
Who is my Neighbour?
Have you ever wondered who your Neighbour should be? Jesus teach us the we should love them.A sermon from Luke 10:25-37.
Understanding the Holy Spirit.
This a sermon I delivered on Sunday 26th May 2013.(My 40th Wedding Aniversary.)
The Resurrection of Jesus.
This a sermon I delivered on Easter Sunday 2013.
Who am I and why do I exist?
The answer to the question (Who am I and why do I exist?) lies within Psalm 8 and as each individual exegete studies the passage they will notice that there are numerous textual problems.
Sexuality in the Church.
Is there no joy to be found in the church today for homosexuals?
Alcoholism in the Family.
The object of this essay is to highlight the strategies a pastoral carer would use when responding to a call for help from a family with an alcoholic mother..
The Canon of Scripture.
Critically Evaluate the Argument that the Canon of Scripture is Closed.
The Wrath of God.
What is a Paul's View of the Wrath of God? How can we apply this to the AIDS epidemic?